Publication list


1.  Journal papers

  1. Brand, I.*: Matyszewska, D.; Koch, K.W., Langmuir, 34, 2018,14022-14032.
    Binding of a myristoylated protein to the lipid membrane influenced by interactions with the polar head group region(Abstract)
  2. Brand, I.*; Koch, K.W.; Bioelectrochemistry, 124, 2018,13-21.
    Impact of the protein myristoylation on the structure of a model cell membrane in a protein bound state”  (Abstract)
  3. Harms, L.; Brand, I.*; Vibrational Spectroscopy, 97, 2018,106-113.
    “Application of PM IRRAS to study structural changes of the magnesium surface in corrosive environments" (Abstract)
  4. Brand, I.*; Juhaniewicz-Debinska, J.; Wickramasinghe, L.; Verani, C.N.*; Dalton Transactions, 47, 2018,14218-14226, themed issue: Molecular Metal-containing Soft Materials, Cover
    “An in situ spectroelectrochemical study on the orientation changes of an [FeIIILN2O3] metallosurfactant deposited as LB Films on gold electrode surfaces” (Abstract)
  5. Hosseini, P.; Wittstock, G.; Brand, I.*; J. Electroanal. Chem., 812, 2018, 199-206.
    Infrared spectroelectrochemical analysis of potential dependent changes in cobalt hexacyanoferrate and copper hexacyanoferrate films on gold electrodes” (Abstract)
  6. Dongmo, S., Wittstock, G., Christoffers, J., Brand, I.*, Electrochim. Acta, 255, 2017, 298-308.
    In situ determination of potential-driven structural changes in a redox-active polymer film on a glassy carbon electrode using PM IRRAS under electrochemical control” (abstract)
  7. Kekedy-Nagy, L., Feraponotova, E.*; Brand, I.*, J.Phys.Chem. B; 121, 2017, 1552-1565.
    “Submolecular structure and orientation of oligonucleotide duplexes tethered to gold electrodes probed by infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy: Effect of the electrode potentials” (abstract)
  8. Brand, I.*, Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie, 2016,230,133-183.
    „Application of polarization modulation infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy under electrochemical control for structural studies of biomimetic assemblies“ (abstract)
  9. Brand, I.*; Rüdiger, C.; Hingerl, K.; Portenkirchner, E.; Kunze-Liebhäuser, J.*; J.Phys.Chem.C; 119, 2015,13767-13776.
    „Compact titanium oxycarbide: a new substrate for quantitative analysis of molecular films by means of infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy” (abstract)
  10. Brand, I.*; Habecker, F.; Ahlers, M.; Klüner, T.; Spectrochimica Acta A, 138,2015, 216-224.
    „Structure of collagen adsorbed on a model implant surface resolved by polarization modulation infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopy” (abstract)
  11. Meiners, F.; Ahlers, M.; Brand I.*; Wittstock, G.; Surface Science, special issue Electrochemical Surface Science, 631, 2015, 220-228.
    “Impact of temperature and electrical potentials on the stability and structure of collagen adsorbed on the gold electrode” (abstract)
  12. Meiners, F.; Ross, J.H.; Brand, I.; Buling, A.; Neumann, M.; Köster, P.J.; Christoffers, J.; Wittstock, G.; Coll. Surf. A: Physiochem. Eng. Aspects, 449, 2014, 31-41.
    “Modification of silicon oxide surfaces by monolayers of a oligoethylene glycol-terminated perfluoroalkyl silane” (abstract)
  13. Schulte, W.; Orlof, M.; Brand, I.; Krochowiec, B.; Rogalska, E.; Coll. Surf. B, 116, 2014, 389-395.
    “A Langmuir monolayer study of the action of phospholipase A2 on model phospholipid and mixed phospholipid-GM1 ganglioside membranes” (abstract)
  14. Ahlers, M.; Stein, N.; Broch, L.; Brand, I.*; J. Electroanal. Chem., 706, 2013, 140-148.
    “Study of the potential driven changes in a collagen film self-assembled on a polycrystalline gold electrode surface” (abstract)
  15. Meiners, F.; Plettenberg, I.; Witt, J.; Vaske, B.; Lesch, A.; Brand, I.; Wittstock, G.; Anal. Bioanal.Chem, 405, 2013, 3673-3691, review
    “Local control of protein binding and cell adhesion by patterned organic thin films” (abstract)
  16. Nullmeier, M.; Koliwer-Brandl, H.; Kelm, S.; Zägel, P.; Koch, K-W.; Brand,I.;* ChemPhysChem, 12, 2011, 1066-1079, invited paper
    “Impact of strong and weak lipid-protein interactions on the structure of a lipid bilayer on a gold electrode surface” (abstract)
  17. Rozniecka, E.; Zawisza, I.;* Jawiczuk, M.; Branowska, D.; Opallo, M.; J. Electroanal. Chem., 645, 2010, 123-134.
    “Electrochemical and IR spectroscopic detection of oxidation products of the monomer and dimer of vanillyl alcohol in a sol-gel processed silicate matrix” (abstract)
  18. Nullmeier, M.; Koliwer-Brandl H.; Kelm, S.; Brand, I.*; J. Electroanal. Chem., 624, 2010, 177-188, special issue dedicated to J. Lipkowski
    “Interaction of siglec protein with glycolipids in a lipid bilayer deposited on a gold electrode surface” (abstract)
  19. Brand, I.*; Nullmeier, M.;. Klüner, T.; Jogireddy, R.; Christoffers, J.; Wittstock, G.; Langmuir, 26, 2010, 362-370.
    “Structural analysis of HS(CD2)12(O-CH2-CH2)6OCH3 monolayers on gold by means of polarization modulation infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy. Progress of the reaction with bromine” (abstract)
  20. Röefzaad, M.; Kluner, T.; Brand, I.;* Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 11, 2009, 10140-109151.
    “Orientation of the GM1 ganglioside in Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers: a PM IRRAS and computational study” (abstract)
  21. Jogireddy, R.; Zawisza, I.; Wittstock, G.; Christoffers, J.; Synlett., 8, 2008, 1219-1221.
    Short synthesis of a specifically perdeuterated hexaethylene glycol terminated alkanethiol” (abstract)
  22. Rianasari, I.; Wlader, L.; Burchardt, M.; Zawisza, I.; Wittstock, G.; Langmuir, 24, 2008, 9110-9117.
    Inkjet-printed thiol self-assembled monolayer structures on gold: quality control and microarray electrode fabrication” (abstract)
  23. Zhao, C.; Zawisza, I.; Nullmeier, M.; Burchardt, M.; Träuble, M.; Witte, I.; Wittstock, G.; Langmuir, 24, 2008, 7605-7613.
    “Microelectrochemical modulation of micropatterned cellular environments” (abstract)
  24. Zawisza, I.*; Nullmeier, M.; Pust, S.E.; Boukherroub, R.; Szunertis, S.*; G. Wittstock; Langmuir, 24,2008,7378-7387.
    Application of thin titanium/titanium oxide layers deposited on gold for infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy: structural studies of lipid bilayers” (abstract)
  25. Malel, E.; Sinha, J.K.; Zawisza, I.*; Wittstock, G.; Mandler, D.; Electrochim. Acta, 53, 2008, 6753-6758.
    “Electrochemical detection of Cd2+ ions by a self-assembled monolayer of 1,9-nonanedithiol on gold” (abstract)
  26. Zawisza, I.*; Wittstock, G.; Boukherroub, R.; Szunertis, S.*; Langmuir, 24, 2008, 3922-3929.
    Polarization modulation infrared reflection absorption spectrosocpy investigations of thin silica films deposited on gold. 2.Structural analysis of a 1,2-dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphatidylcholine bilayer” (abstract)
  27. Zawisza, I.*; Wittstock, G.; Boukherroub, R.; Szunertis, S.*; Langmuir, 23, 2007, 9303-9309.
    “PM IRRAS investigations of thin silica films deposited on gold: Part 1 Theory and proof of concept” (abstract)
  28. Zawisza, I.; Bin, X.; Lipkowski, J.; Langmuir, 23, 2007, 5180-5194.
    “Potential-driven structural changes in Langmuir-Blodgett DMPC bilayers determined by in situ spectroelectrochemcial PM IRRAS” (abstract)
  29. Nogala, W.; Rozniecka, E.; Zawisza, I.; Rogalski, J.; Opallo, M.; Electrochem. Commun., 8, 2006, 1850-1854.
    “Immobilization of ABTS – laccase system in silicate based electrode for bioelectrocatalytic reduction of dioxygen” (abstract)
  30. Zawisza, I.; Rogalski, J.; Opallo, M.; J. Electroanal.Chem., 588, 2006, 244-252.
    “Electrocatalytic reduction of dioxygen by redox mediator and laccase immobilised in silicate thin film” (abstract)
  31. Bin, X.; Zawisza, I.; Lipkowski, J.; Langmuir, 21, 2005, 330-347.
    “Electrochemical and PM-IRRAS studies of potential driven transformations of phospholipid bilayer on a Au(111) electrode surface” (abstract)
  32. Zawisza, I.; Lipkowski, J.; Langmuir, 20, 2004, 4579-4589.
    “Layer by layer characterization of n-octadecanol films on Au(111) electrode surface – an in situ spectroelectrochemical investigation” (abstract)
  33. Zawisza, I; Burgess, I.; Szymanski, G.; Lipkowski, J.; Majweski, J.; Satija, S.; Electrochim. Acta, 49, 2004, 3651-3664.
    ”Electrochemical and in situ PM – FTIRRAS studies of n-octadecanol films on a Au(111) electrode surface” (abstract)
  34. Zawisza, I.; Bin, X.; Lipkowski, J.; Bioelectrochem., 63, 2004, 137-147.
    “Spectroelectrochemical studies of bilayers of phospholipids in gel and liquid state on Au(111) electrode surface” (abstract)
  35. Zawisza, I.; Lachenwitzer, A.; Zamlynny, V.; Horswell, S.L.; Goddard, J.D.; Lipkowski, J.; Biophys. J., 85, 2003, 4055-4075.
    “Electrochemical and polarization modulation infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy study of the electric field driven transformations of a phospholipid bilayer supported at a gold electrode surface” (abstract)
  36. Zawisza, I.; Cai, X.; Zamlynny, V.; Burgess, I.; Majewski, J.; Szymanski, G.; Lipkowski, J.; Pol. J. Chem., 78, 2004, 1165-1181.
    ”New methods to study thin organic films at electrode surfaces” (abstract)
  37. Zamlynny, V.; Zawisza, I.; Lipkowski, J.; Langmuir, 19, 2003, 132-145.
    ”PM FTIRRAS studies of potential-controlled transformations of a monolayer and a bilayer of 4-pentadecylpyridine a model surfactant, adsorbed on an Au(111) electrode surface” (abstract)
  38. Bilewicz, R.; Sek, S.; Zawisza, I.; Russian J. Electrochem., 38, 2002, 29-38.
    “Electron transport through composite monolayers” (abstract)
  39. Zawisza, I.; Bilewicz, R.; Janus, K.; Sworakowski, J.; Luboch, E.; Biernat, J.F.; Mat. Sci. Eng. C, 22, 2002, 91-99.
    “Comparison of Z↔E isomerization in Langmuir-Blodgett layers and in solution” (abstract)
  40. Zawisza, I.; Bilewicz, R., Moncelli, M.R.; Guidelli, R.; J.Electroanal. Chem., 509, 2001, 31-42.
    “Electrochemistry of Langmuir-Blodgett and self-organized monolayers of an azocrown ether, both pure and mixed with a phospholipid” (abstract)
  41. Zawisza, I.; Bilewicz, R.; Luboch, E.; Biernat, J.F.; J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Transactions, 4, 2000, 499-504.
    “Complexation of metal ions by azocrown ethers in Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers” (abstract)
  42. Zawisza I.; Bilewicz R.; Luboch E.; Biernat J.F., Supramol. Chem., 12, 2000, 123-131.
    “Electrochemistry of azocrown ethers in Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers” (abstract)
  43. Zawisza, I.; Bilewicz, R.; Luboch, E.; Biernat, J.F.; J. Electroanal. Chem., 471, 1999, 156-165.
    Langmuir-Blodgett films of azocrown ethers on electrodes – voltammetric recognition of isomers” (abstract)
  44. Jarzebinska, A.; Rowinski, P.; Zawisza, I.; Bilewicz, R.; Siegfried, L.; Kaden, T.; Anal. Chim. Acta, 396, 1999, 1-12.
    Modified electrode surfaces for catalytic reduction of carbon dioxide” (abstract)
  45. Zawisza, I.; Bilewicz, R.; Luboch, E.; Biernat, J.F.; Thin Solid Films, 348, 1999, 173-179.
    ”Properties of Z and E isomers of azocrown ethers in monolayer assemblies at the air-water interface” (abstract)
  46. Zawisza, I.; Bilewicz, R.; Luboch, E.; Biernat, J.F.; Supramol. Chem., 9, 1998, 277-287.
    ”Voltammetric recognition of Cis (Z) and Trans (E) isomers of azobenzene and azocrown ethers” (abstract)


2.  Book Chapters:

  1. Brand, I.*; “Application of infrared spectroscopy for structural analysis of planar lipid bilayers under electrochemical control” in “Advances in Planar Lipid Bilayers and Liposomes “, Eds. A. Iglic and C.V. Kulkarni, Academic Press,Vol. 18, 2013, 21-62.(abstract)
  2. Brand. I.*; Nullmeier, M.; “Thin films on titania and their applications in life sciences” in “Nanotechnologies for the Life Sciences” Vol. V “Nanostructured Thin Films for Life Sciences”, Ed. Ch. Kumar, Willey, Heidelberg, 2010, pp 203-250. (abstract)


3.  Books:

  1. Brand, I.; “Application of infrared spectroscopy for structural analysis of thin molecular films under electrochemical control”, (Habilitationsschrift), Shaker Verlag , Aachen, 2014, p.124. (abstract)
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