1979 - 1984

Publikationen Halbleiterphysik und Strahlungswandlung

BAU - J - BBa84
"Target to intermediate target sputtering technique for the preparation of continuously composed alloys and for doping of amorphous-silicon",
G. Bilger and G. H. Bauer,
Thin Solid Films, 119, 103-111 (1984).

BAU - J - BBi81
"Properties of plasma-produced amorphous-silicon governed by parameters of the production, transport and deposition of Si and SiHx",
G. H. Bauer and G. Bilger,
Thin Solid Films, 83, 223-229 (1981).

BAU - J - Bau79
"Spectroscopic analysis of pre-breakdown-phase from positive corona into spark in N-2",
G. H. Bauer,
Journal De Physique, 40, 295-296 (1979).

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