• 2010.08

    Ultrafast manipulation of strong coupling in metal-molecular aggregate hybrid nanostructures  

    P. Vasa, R. Pomraenke, G. Cirmi, E. De Re, W. Wang, S. Schwieger, D. Leipold, E. Runge, G. Cerullo, and C. Lienau

    ACS Nano 4, 7759-7765 (2010)

  • 2010.07

    Distinguishing between ultrafast optical harmonic generation and multi-photon-induced luminescence from ZnO thin films by frequency-resolved interferometric autocorrelation microscopy 

    S. Schmidt, M. Mascheck, M. Silies, T. Yatsui, K. Kitamura, M. Ohtsu, and C. Lienau

    Optics Express 18, 25016-25028 (2010)

  • 2010.06

    Tunneling-barrier controlled excitation transfer in hybrid quantum dot-quantum well nanostructures 

    Yu. I. Mazur, V. G. Dorogan, E. Marega, Jr., Z. Ya. Zhuchenko, M. E. Ware, M. Benamara, G. G. Tarasov, P. Vasa, C. Lienau, and G. J. Salamo

    Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 0746136 (2010)

  • 2010.04

    Measurement of coherent tunneling between InGaAs quantum wells and InAs quantum dots using photoluminescence spectroscopy 

    Y.I. Mazur, V.G. Dorogan, D. Guzun, E. Marega, G.J. Salomo, G.G. Tarasov, A.O. Govorov, P. Vasa, C. Lienau

    Phys. Rev. B 82, 155413 (2010)

  • 2010.02

    An unusual marriage: Coupling molecular excitons to surface plasmon polaritons in metal nanostructures 

    P. Vasa, C. Lienau

    Angewandte Chemie 49, 2476 (2010)


  • 2009.02

    Subwavelength inhomogeneities in Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin films revealed by near-field scanning optical microscopy 

    L. Gütay, R. Pomraenke, C. Lienau, and G. Bauer

    phys.stat.sol. a 206, 1005 (2009)

  • 2009.01

    Femtosecond up-conversion technique for probing the charge transfer in a P3HT:PCPM blend via photoluminescence quenching  

    S. Trotzky, T. Hoyer, W. Tuszynski, C. Lienau and J. Parisi

    J. Phys. D:Appl. Phys. 42, 055105 (2009)

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