PhD candidate

Julius Degenhardt

Research interests

I’m interested in the microbial diversity of marine sediments and their role in geochemical cycling. Within my PhD project I focus especially on sulfate- and iron reduction, aiming to detect and quantify those processes in the beach subsurface of the North-Sea island Spiekeroog. Furthermore, I am curious about possible adaptations or community shifts induced by SGD (subterranean groundwater discharge). In addition to molecular techniques I want to answer those questions by isolating and characterizing bacteria driving sub- and anoxic processes.

Academic vita

Since April 2017

PhD candidate (ICBM, Oldenburg)


Is there a Barrier island mass effect (BIME)?

April 2015 – April 2017

Microbiology Master of Science (ICBM, Oldenburg)


„Abundance and diversity of the Roseobacter group within deep-sea sediments along a transect from New Zealand to Alaska“

Oct. 2011 - Sept. 2014

Biosciences Bachelor of Science (University of Rostock)


“Stability of brackish microbial biofilms on microplastic particles”

Research Cruises

2017 RV Sonne Expedition SO254

Functional diversity of bacterial communities and the metabolome in the water column, sediment and in sponges in the southwest Pacific around New Zealand (PoriBacNewZ)

2016 RV Sonne Expedition SO248

Functional diversity of bacterial communities and the geometabolome in the central and north Pacific (BacGeoPac)


Degenhardt J, Seibert S, 2018. Investigating the land-sea transition zone. Session chair, Youmares 9 conference, Oldenburg

Degenhardt J, Ahrens J, Greskowiak J, Waska H, Engelen B, 2018. The impact of groundwater seepage on benthic microbial community structures of a sandy beach subsurface. Poster, International Symposium on Microbial Ecology (ISME), Leipzig

Degenhardt J, Ahrens J, Engelen B, 2018. The impact of groundwater seepage on benthic microbial community structures of a sandy beach subsurface. Poster, Association for General and Applied Microbiology (VAAM), Wolfsburg


Waska H, Greskowiak J, Ahrens J, Beck M, Ahmerkamp S, Böning P, Brumsack HJ, Degenhardt J, Ehlert C, Engelen B, Grünenbaum N, Holtappels M, Pahnke K, Marchant HK, Massmann G, Meier D, Schnetger B, Schwalfenberg K, Simon H, Vandieken V, Zielinski O, Dittmar T (2019) Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Pore Water Chemistry in the Inter-Tidal Zone of a High Energy Beach. Front Mar Sci 6:154,

Pohlner M, Degenhardt J, von Hoyningen-Huene A, Wemheuer B, Erlmann N, Schnetger B, Badewien T, Engelen B (2017) The biogeographical distribution of benthic Roseobacter group members along a Pacific transect is linked to oceanic provinces with comparable nutrient composition. Front Microbiol 8: 2550,


Sediment & pore water sampling, PCR, DGGE, qPCR, CARD-FISH, cloning, epiflourescence microscopy, oxic- and anoxic cultivation and isolation techniques, ion-chromatography, activity measurements (exoenzymes, sulfate reduction rates, iron reduction rates)

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