Material and Methods

Material and Methods

Method and Data Management

After having defined the research aim as the prevalence of hepatitis infections of people suffering from cancer receiving a chemotherapy, a group of patients participating had to be determined. For this purpose a list of 35 patients was designed by the research director Priv.-Doz. Dr. Bäsecke.

The group is composed of 21 female and 14 male patients who are 41 to and 86 years old. While four of them suffer from a hemic disease, 29 are distressed by an oncological disease. The diagnosis of two patients is not confirmed yet.

A precondition for the participation in the study was an existing declaration of agreement as well as a medicated cancer disease of a person domiciled in the southern part of the Oldenburger Land.

The data collection itself was conducted by the ambulatory health care center Cloppenburg. Consequently, the data evaluation was undertaken retrospectively. The considered information included the cancer disease and its´ therapy as well as the kind of hepatitis infection and its´ titer.                        

Additionally, it had to be regarded whether the patients were medicated in case of an occurring hepatitis infection and which medicine was chosen. All the collected information was brought together in a table.

In order to work with this information without disobeying the medical confidentiality, the personal details were made anonymous in the table. For this purpose, the research investigators designed a list in which each patient was attached to a number. Thereupon, only these numbers and the birth dates were used in the data table. The list with the names is reserved to the research director only. The evaluation depicted below is based on this table.

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