Ecological Economics

Ecological Economics (Prof. Dr. Bernd Siebenhüner)

Since the beginning of Ecological Economics research and theory building in this discipline has established itself, especially in the international context,  as cultivating an understanding as an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science of sustainability as does the Ecological Economics team at Oldenburg University. Based on qualitative social science methods, its research interests cover social learning towards sustainability, sustainable business strategies, international environmental governance, the management of renewable energies, and climate adaptation.

The master’s degree "Sustainability Economics and Management" (SEM) aims to train future leaders with a solid knowledge of economics and a well founded combination of expertise in ecological and social issues, as well as a sense of responsibility. It provides graduates with factual knowledge in their main subjects, as well as analytical, interdisciplinary and social skills to prepare them for work in businesses, NGOs or international organizations.

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