Energy Meteorology Group

Energy Meteorology Group (Dr. Detlev Heinemann)

The Energy Meteorology group consists of approximately 20 researchers working on both solar and wind power meteorology. Its head is Dr. Detlev Heinemann, a meteorologist and physicist, who has been working on renewable energy systems and its meteorological influences for more than 25 years. The group investigates the influence of weather and climate on energy supply systems with increasing contributions from solar and wind energy. Within this field, forecasting of both wind and solar power generation, modeling of wind resources on various scales, satellite-based estimation of surface solar irradiance, and solar spectral modeling are major topics. The group has participated in numerous European and national research projects. The wind power related research of the research group is integrated in ForWind, the center for wind energy research of the universities of Hanover, Bremen and Oldenburg, and closely cooperates with the new Fraunhofer research group on „Computational Fluid and System Dynamics“ in Oldenburg.

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