Photovoltaics Research Group

Photovoltaics Research Group (Dr. Ingo Riedel)

The thin film photovoltaics research group comprises one of the major research activities of the Energy- and Semiconductor Research Laboratory (EHF, Prof. Dr. J. Parisi). The PV-team has approximately 35 members (with 9 senior scientists) with scientific background in physics, chemistry and technical engineering.

The research topics of the PV-group focus on modern concepts of photovoltaic energy conversion with a strong potential of achieving a high performance-cost rations (€/Wp). These main research directions are:

  • Organic solar cells exploiting the photo-induced charge separation at interfaces of complimentary organic polymers and molecules (Dr. H. Borchert)
  • Hybrid solar cells based on the same photovoltaic effect at interfaces of semiconducting polymers and inorganic semiconductor nanostructures (Dr. H. Borchert)
  • Chalcopyrite and Kesterite thin film solar cells based on vacuum-grown or solution processed I-III-VI2 and I2-II-IV-VI4 compound semiconductors (Dr. I. Riedel)

While one common research direction is the physical understanding of thin film solar cells from the material scientific point of view, the group supports industry partners in the fields of material development and process optimization. The PV group participates in academic education by training BSc and MSc candidates, supervising PhD theses as well as offering lectures in the fields of solid state physics and material sciences and also  courses dedicated to photovoltaic concepts and engineering.

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