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RTG Sensorybio qualification events





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Kick Off Meeting 2013

RTG Members present their topic, invited speakers, HWK


One day

All members


Superresolution Workshop

on Light-Microscopy/STED


4 days

Members that are interested in microscopy


Scientific Communication workshop

Scientific Communication/Science Slam


One day

PhD students that want to improve their Scientific Communication

(Tim Schröder/B. Grünberg)

Phonation Workshop

Stimm- und Präsenztraining für Frauen


One day

Female PhD student members of the RTG

Tomma Hangen

Excursion to Helgoland

Visit at the Institut für Vogelforschung


Two days

All members


Project management Workshop

Introduction to Project management


PhD students that want to improve their Project management (Together with GK Roseobacter)

F. Fischer

Workshop: Speaking properly about your research

Basic Techniques for Performing Effectively at Conference


Two days

PhD students that want to improve their Scientific Communication

K. Lauterbach

Fluorescence Symposium

Fluorescence Dye Synthesis and Applications, HWK


Two days

All members


Mentoring Program

Career planning

Start in November 2014; 13.05.2015 Halfyear meeting; final meeting 04./05. 10.2015

Regulary meetings with the group or the mentor every 4 weeks for one year

PhD students that want to get in contact with industry and plan their career (Together with GK Roseobacter)

B. Grünberg/ F. Esser/ Mentorer

Workshop Scientific writing

How to publish in peer-reviewed journals


3 days

PhD students


Exkursion MeVis

Work between university and industry, Bremen


One day

PhD students

qRT-PCR Workshop



One day

PhD students that are interested in qRT-PCR

B. Grünberg

Junior Management Programm

Die eigene Rolle erkennen - Führungskraft entwickeln

16./17.4. 2015

Two days

All members

Stefanie Roll

RTG Spring Symposium

methods and troubleshooting Workshop; presentation of results, Spiekeroog/Wittbülten

27.-29.04.2015; 30.04.2015

3 days

All members

Scientific communication workshop

Einführung in den Wissenschaftsjournalismus


One day

PhD students that are interested in Scientific communication

Tim Schröder

2. Career Day in Neuroscience


One day

(International Meeting

Molecular Neurodegeneration - News and Views in Molecular Neuroscience in Health and Disease, HWK, organised with Ilana Gozes)


3 days

All members


International Symposium

Molecular Basis of Senses meets Quantum Biology”, PRBB; Barcelona, Spain


5 days

All members

Methods Workshop

Protein-protein interactions: from structure to dynamics

01.-05.02. 2016

two days per group

Members that are interested in protein - protein interaction

Daniele Dell‘Orco, University of Verona, Italy (HWK Fellow)

Creative ways getting your dream job

Career planning

08.03. 2016

One day

PhD students

F. Esser

Exkursion EvoTec und DESY, Hamburg

Young scientists meet industry and institutes


One day

PhD students

Job Application Training

Scientists who want to apply for a job in industy


One day

PhD students

E.-A. Bolte/J. Böhme

What comes next after the PhD?, Frankfurt

Career Opportunities in Science and Industry

10 -13.08. 2016

4 days

PhD students

Welcome Meeting

Information about the GK Sensorybio

12.10.2016 One afternoon new Scholarship Holders

Kick-Off/Fare-well Meeting, HWK

Sharing research results and information


Two days

All members

Methods workshop

Introduction to Lasermicrodissection microscopy


One day

All members that are interested in LMD Leica
Methods workshop

Introduction to the AMIRA Work Station

02.2017One dayAll members that are interested in the AMIRAMichael Bottesch

Hands-on Methods workshop

Back-Scattering Interferometry (BSI)


Two days

PhD Students that are interested in BSI

Amanda Kussrow PhD, Vanderbilt University, USA

Teambuilding Workshop, Norderney

Getting to know each other and the different methods the PhD student use


Two days

PhD Students

3. Career Day in Neuroscience 31.03.2017 One day PhD Students

Image processing Program course

Introduction to Imaging processing programs (Adobe Photoshop for beginner

28.04. / 05.05.2017

Two days

PhD Students

Weinreich-Brunner, University of Oldenburg

Networking-Day learn successful Networking 30.05.2017 One day PhD students -

The Groningen-Oldenburg Poster & Networking Symposium of the Research Training Group “Molecular Basis of Sensory Biology” and the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials

learn how to present a poster, present a poster and exchange results, methodically knowledge and ideas 08.-10.11.2017 Two days PhD students Henrik Mouritsen (workshop)
Microscopy and Imaging day Introduction to different types of Microscopy and discussion of research 18.01.2018 One day Members of the study group and PhD students Organized together with the HWK study group 
Biostatistics Workshop 05.-08.02.2018 4 days PhD students M. Winklhofer
Voice training Learn to use your voice 08./ 09.03.18 Two days PhD students Nicola Speer
Sensory Systems in Health and Disease Symposium organised by the orga Team of the RTG 04.-07.06.2018 4 days Researcher in the field of sensory systems Verona
Course “How to publish in peer-reviewed journals” Learn how to write and publish a scientific paper 25.-27.06.2018 3 days PhD students Tress und Tress
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