Travel Information

Travel Information

Please ensure that you will be able to reach the PFL Kulturzentrum in good time.

You will probably arrive somewhere around the central station in Oldenburg. From there it’s a brisk 15 minute walk or short bus ride to Julius Mosen Platz, from where it’s a 3 minute walk to our spring school meeting location (PFL). 


Niedersachsen ticket

Only valid for regional services, good option for up to 5 travellers,

1 person à 23€, 4€ extra per person à 5 = 39€

bonus: valid on most bus services

regular ticket bookable via:

Deutsche Bahn 

destination: Oldenburg (Oldb) [Oldenburg in Niedersachsen, NOT in Holstein]

if you book in advance you can get very good offers (Sparpreis), but they are only valid for the chosen connection, you are not flexible!


The easier and even cheaper option, one way tickets from 9€


book now ;-)

Car pool

If one of the participants has a car and would like to share, it would be a very inexpensive and comfortable way of travelling, we would be happy to help you organize it, please just send us an email! Otherwise you could try and search via the following:




(Stand: 21.08.2020)