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PhD 5-2

3 year - PhD student position in ecological genomics of sticklebacks at the IBU, CvO University Oldenburg

The project will be conducted within the framework of the Research Unit Dynacom together with Prof. Dr. G. Gerlach and Prof. Dr. A. Nolte.

We are looking for a candidate holding a very good academic university degree in Evolutionary Genetics, Evolutionary Ecology or a closely related subject. The candidate must have a strong interest in genomics analyses; in addition, the project requires also an interest in ecological processes and fish biology. Additionally, experience in organizing and conducting experimental work in the aquatic environment is required. More information on this position can be obtained from Prof. Dr. A. Nolte (

We are interested in traits that contribute to ecological processes at different scales. For example, how consumer traits such as mobility (dispersal), body size and resource use will affect community composition and diversity. Consequently, how local resource availability and heterogeneity determine survival and persistence of organisms depending on their traits. We expect genetic associations between traits and ecological conditions and we want to explore the relevance of these traits for ecosystem functioning.

The threespine stickleback is a good model to study such questions as excellent genetic resources enable to find genetic associations between traits and environmental factors. Within the study area (North Western Germany) we find marine and freshwater ecotypes that diverge genetically. The collaboration with a group of ecologists interacting within the framework of the Dynacom Project now permits to infer the ecological properties of sticklebacks in a refined ecosystem context. More specifically genetic markers should be developed that target different, population dependent genomic regions to study genetic trait associations. This holds great potential to study metapopulation processes in a complex and dynamic landscape, but also to learn more about the function of so far unknown stickleback traits.

Salary and conditions
The position will be starting 01.01.2019 for a duration of three years. Salary will be according to TVL E13 (65%).

The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg is dedicated to increasing the percentage of female employees in the field of science and encourages applications from female candidates.
Applicants with disabilities will be preferentially considered in case of equal qualification.

Applications should be sent with all the usual documents (included in a single pdf file) no later than Sep 30, 2018 to A. Nolte (

Christina Oswald (Stand: 23.09.2018)