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The cluster of excellence Hearing4all: Models, Technology and Solutions for Diagnostics, Restoration and Support of Hearing at the Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg (in collaboration with Medizinische Hochschule Hannover and Leibniz Universität Hannover) is seeking to fill as soon as possible the position of a

PhD Student OR Postdoctoral Research Associate
in the Field of Psycholinguistics (m/f/d)

in the Department of Dutch, Faculty of Linguistics and Cultural Studies.

The position is available from 1st of April 2020 until 31st of March 2023 (or as soon as possible for a duration of 3 years). Both candidates looking for a PhD position and candidates looking for a postdoctoral research position can apply. Out of these applications, the best suitable candidate for the project will be elected.

Salary is depending on previous experience and education (German TV-L E13, in this scale this would mean 65% for a PhD student, and 100% for a postdoctoral researcher). The position is suitable for part-time work.

A paramount goal of the cluster of excellence Hearing4all ( is to transform audiology into an "exact" science based on the interplay between experiment and theory as well as between basic science and clinical research. In the framework provided by the cluster the successful candidate is expected to contribute to the research goals of the cluster to research thread 1 "Auditory processing deficits throughout the lifespan", in which one of the goals is to identify the impact of hearing loss in young and old age on cognitive and language development and its decline.

Candidates are expected to have an academic university degree in the field of (psycho)- linguistics, psychology (with a specialization in speech/language processing), or a related discipline and have shown their ability to perform excellent scientific work, usually demonstrated by the outstanding quality of their Master's thesis (for PhD-student candidates) or Doctorate/PhD research and a good publication record (for postdoctoral candidates).

We are seeking candidates with experience in statistical analysis as well as knowledge in at least one of the following methods/areas: language acquisition, online sentence processing, reaction time studies, eye tracking, ERP. Matlab skills, and/or experience with E-prime will be helpful, as well as working knowledge of German. Since the positions entail close interdisciplinary cooperation with several other disciplines (audiology, psychology, physics), the willingness and ability to integrate methods, concepts and issues of the 'other' discipline into theories, concepts and methods current in one's own are required for successful work in this project.

The University of Oldenburg is an equal opportunities employer. According to § 21 para. 3 of the legislation governing Higher Education in Lower Saxony (NHG), preference shall be given to female candidates in cases of equal qualification. The same applies to persons with disabilities.

Please send your application including a cover letter, CV, list of potential referees, links to recent publications, and copies of certificates for academic grades the latest by February 9th 2020 to Prof. Dr. Esther Ruigendijk, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Fakultät III, 26111 Oldenburg or as an email attachment to (application by email is preferred). Indicate clearly in your letter whether you apply for the PhD OR for the postdoctoral position. Prof. Esther Ruigendijk (Esther.R6oxwnuigengyxdijk@unfszi-oldeyebnburtnrbg.ykgde779) can be contacted for further questions regarding the position.


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