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Semester: Sommersemester 2021

OLTECH Mid-term Workshop -  


  • Mittwoch, 28.04.2021 09:00 - 12:15


Mid-term Workshop
With the Mid-term Workshop for doctoral students in the final phase or at mid-term of their PhD, we would like to provide information on various topics and questions and talk to doctoral candidates and responsible persons from different organisational units (supervisors, doctoral committees, personnel department, library, etc.).
The content will cover various aspects of the final phase of the doctorate, the submission of the dissertation and the disputation. With this workshop, we would like to create an offer that takes up and answers questions on the following topics:

• Timetable/time management for the final phase - tips and suggestions
• Self-motivation
• Contract situation in the final phase/contract extensions; experiences and legal basis
• Important deadlines for the final phase
• Assessment/review of doctoral theses, tips for the defence
• Publication and dissemination of the dissertation

Prof. Rüdiger Beckhaus (Chair Doctorate Committee for Natural Sciences, faculty V), Prof. Andrea Hildebrandt (faculty VI), Prof. Karl-Wilhelm Koch (faculty VI), Prof. Christine Köppl (Chair Doctorate Committee for Natural Sciences, faculty VI), Prof. Karin Loser (faculty VI), Dr Corinna Mori (Postdoc ICBM, faculty V), Prof. Katharina Pahnke-May (faculty V), Dr Meike Rogalla (Postdoc Neurosciences, faculty VI), Volker Roth (Human Resources Department), PD Dr Maren Striebel (faculty V), Dr Frithiof Svenson (Officer for Academic Procedures, faculty VI), Julia Wembacher (Doctorate Committee office, faculty V), etc.

For the detailed program see document under "files"!



  • Environmental Sciences
  • Interdisziplinäre Veranstaltungen / Interdisciplinary courses
  • Interface Science
  • Models of Gravity
  • Neurosensory Science and Systems
  • olt165 - Additional module „Transferable Skills”
  • olt165 Additional module "Transferable Skills"
  • olt165 Additional module „Transferable Skills"
  • Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy


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