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Semester: Wintersemester 2022

2.01.591 Verification of Distributed AI Systems -  


  • A5 2-229 / Mi. 10-12 / Start: 19.10.2022


Current research from the area of distributed artificial intelligence including:

  • multi-agent systems
  • distributed optimization
  • swarm algorithms
  • self-x systems

with a focus on the (formal) verification of algorithm and system properties, e.g.:
  • runtime
  • solution quality
  • safety
  • liveness
  • emergent properties
  • ...

The seminar will be run as a continuous reading group with a two week cycle. We decide on a paper to read, have 2 weeks to read and analyze and discuss it on the next meeting. As a basis for this discussion we will answer a set of recurring questions for each paper.

The final evaluation will be based on the work on these questions as well as active participation in the discussion.




(Stand: 18.11.2022)