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Semester: Sommersemester 2022

2.01.488 Advanced Automata Theory -  


  • Mittwoch: 10:15 - 11:45, wöchentlich (20.04.2022 - 20.07.2022)
  • Mittwoch: 14:15 - 15:45, wöchentlich (20.04.2022 - 20.07.2022)


In this course, we study advanced topics of automata on finite words and introduce automata on infinite words. Moreover, we investigate the relationship of automata to logic and computer-aided verification. We will also study how automata can be used to provide formal guarantees for (recurrent) neural networks. In particular, we will consider the following topics:

* Automata over finite trees
* Learning of finite automata
* Various types of automata over infinite words (e.g., Büchi, Parity, Muller, and Rabin), their properties, and their relationship to each other
* Connection of automata and logic, specifically Linear Temporal Logic, first-order logic, and monadic second-order logic

If time permits, we will also study infinite games as a mechanism for the automated synthesis of reactive systems.



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(Stand: 20.04.2022)