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Semester: Sommersemester 2021

3.02.482 S Teaching Advanced EFL Students -  


  • Dienstag: 08:00 - 10:00, wöchentlich (13.04.2021 - 13.07.2021)


This class aims at providing an overview of what teaching advanced EFL classes (B1-B2+) actually involves in terms of lesson preparation and assessment strategies.
Using standardised tests as a starting point to sharpen one`s diagnostic skills, we shall then turn to different types of tasks designed to foster language learning and thus help pupils to reach a higher level on the CEFR scale. Due to the sheer scope of the various skills that need to be fostered in an average EFL classroom, we shall focus our attention on different learning and teaching materials in order to critically assess whether they are actually fit for purpose. Consequently, designing adequate worksheets, tests and online resources will be the next step in an effort to improve teaching skills and to develop proper units of work (rather than "spur of the moment" teaching). Criteria of successful EFL teaching - both from Germany and the UK - will be applied to all the products designed in class in order to enhance lesson planning expertise. As EFL teachers in Germany are expected to deliver the national (KMK standards) and the regional curriculum (KC Niedersachsen), a rigorous study of the documents in question is required.

Against the backdrop of the Pandemic, opportunities and limits of digital EFL teaching will be examined. Relevant reference needs to be studied in order to work on an expert view on the issue.

By the end of term participants are expected to
-sit two in-class assessments in the course of the term
-compose a 1500 word essay based on relevant literature
-take part in classroom discourse by providing comments and results from academic reading
-be able to critically examine lesson plans against the backdrop of the competence-based approach

All these skills shall be demonstrated and displayed in a portfolio which will be awarded a final grade. The two in-class (online) tests and the essay comprise said portfolio so that participants will receive their grade by the end of term.




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(Stand: 09.06.2021)