Developing a Highly Available Distributed System by Exploiting Application-Specific Operations Semantics

Bachelor or Master Thesis depending on workload


High availability is among the prime requirements of almost every online system. Things gets really interesting, when we talk about the high availability of a distributed system. There exists numerous distributed systems in different domains and different platforms like HDFS, Spark, Dynamo, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure etc. These systems exploit different aspects - underlying data structures, relaxed data consistency, data replication, data redundancy, inter node/cluster synchronous communication reduction and system metadata etc - for having high availability.

Thesis Overview

The focus of this thesis is to exploit the application-specific operation semantics to achieve high operation availabilities. There are several open questions regarding the utilization of operation semantics.  The requirement of this thesis is to develop a highly available fault-tolerant prototypical distributed system based on the concept of data replication.

Task Description

­a short survey on data replication techniques
­concept for exploiting operation semantics that increases operation availabilities
­prototypical implementation of the algorithm
­analytical analysis or simulations or experimentation of/using the resulting system wrt. fault tolerance properties


The thesis can be written in either English or German.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Theel
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Department für Informatik
Systemsoftware und verteilte Systeme

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