Danni Balkenhohl

Danni Balkenhohl

Danni Balkenhohl, M.Sc.
(PhD student)

W3 3-364

+49 441 798 3727


Research field: 

  • Electrochemical catalysts for OER and HER


  • Synthesis of nickel-based MOFs
  • Pulsed electrodeposited of nickel ferrites
  • Electrocatalytic activity

PhD Thesis:

Title: Optimierungspotentiale für funktionalisierte AEL-Elektroden auf Nickelbasis mittels Nanostrukturierung

InnoEly - Innovationslabor Wasserelektrolyse (Modellierungs- und Charakterisierungswerkzeuge für die Entwicklung von Wasserelektrolyseuren – Vom Material zum System)

Green Hydrogen will be one of the key resources of the future. But it will only become competitive to fossil energy sources when the production cost will be reduced. For this reason, the aim of my research is the development of electrochemical catalysts based on nickel for the alkaline water splitting. Nickel is a promising candidate for the electrochemical water splitting due to the high stability in alkaline media. But the activity must be increased by nickel-based compounds like ferrites or MOFs to be able to compete with noble metal catalysts.

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