Frank Schröter, M.Sc.
(PhD student)

W3 3-374

+49441 798 3561



Research field: Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC)



  • cascade use of biomass
  • porous hydrochars
  • investigation and optimization of the HTC reactions
  • HTC with additives (e.g. acids, salts)
  • hydrochars as filter material and catalyst carrier
  • sorption


PhD Thesis:


BIOCAS 100 – circular BIOmass Cascade to 100%

Title: Production of porous Hydrochars

The aim is the development of high surface area carbons out of biomass within the European Union Interreg project BIOCAS 100 – circular BIOmass Cascade to 100%. BIOCAS aims to develop a regional circular bio-economy, based on biomass cascading principles.

Fast coalification can be realized by Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) applying mild temperatures (180-230 °C) to biomass in a suspension with water under autogenous pressure for several hours. Hydrochars obtained by HTC are rich on surface functional groups, such as hydroxyl, aldehyde and carboxyl groups. These surface functional groups are interesting for a wide range of applications of porous functional materials, such as filter materials or catalyst carriers. Anyway hydrochars usually suffer from low surface areas. Therefore procedures to address high surface areas to hydrochars have to be found. Usually carbons with high surface areas are achieved by the use of high temperatures (500-900 °C) resulting in a low degree of surface functional groups. Thus my aim is to develop high surface area hydrochars under mild temperatures via a modified HTC with additives.


Cooperation partners:

3N Kompetenzzentrum


Prof. Dr. Rob van Haren, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen


Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Envitonmental Technology, Section Chemical Engineering, University of Southern Denmark


(Stand: 23.08.2021)