Julia Lüttmann, M.Sc.
(PhD student)

W3 3-363

+49441 798 3829


Research field:

  • Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC)



  • Exploitation of (bio)plastics in HTC
  • Porosity of hydrochars
  • HTC-chars as adsorption materials
  • Purification of HTC-process water
  • Enrichment and separation of 5-HMF during/after HTC
  • Analytic: elementary analysis, IR, sorption experiments, TOC (TC, IC), HPLC, NMR, …


PhD Thesis:

Title: Hydrothermal Carbonization of (Bio-) plastics and utilization of the obtained products

Hydrothermal Carbonization is a coalification process under mild condition. At 180-230 °C and autogenous pressure biomasses and water are converted into so called hydrochar. This hydrochar contains mainly polymerised hydrocarbons. With activation (thermal, physical or chemical activation) properties like surface area and pore volume are modified. The activated char is analysed for applications as adsorbent or catalyst carrier. Therefore, chars with high surface areas and defined pore structures are needed. This leads to different activation conditions and techniques. There is a need for exploitation of the upcoming bioplastic waste, caused by the growing application of these. Many bioplastics are based on natural carbohydrates like starch. My aim is to use bioplastic as substrate for HTC and get an idea how bioplastic waste can be exploited.

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