Lennard Hardenberg

Lennard Hardenberg, M.Sc.
(PhD student)

W3 3-364

+49441 798 3727

E-Mail: lennard.hardenberg(/ceat)unp42f/i-oldedqnburg.denh9 (

Research field: energy storage technology


  • „Advanced practical training" (physics master module


  • Synthesis and characterization of cathode materials for multivalent ion batteries
  • Cell assembly and characterization of zinc and sodium ion batteries


PhD Thesis:

Limited and unsure availability of lithium widely used in lithium ion batteries lead to a high interest in the research field of multivalent ion batteries. Multivalent ions such as zinc, aluminum and magnesium score with their high availability, low costs and non-toxic behavior. Due to higher oxidation states of these ions there is a higher energy turnover per mol of ions which are transferred.

My aim is to synthesize different cathode materials such as manganese dioxides, their characterization and assembly to battery cells.

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