Dr. Manuel Nowotny

Dr. Manuel Nowotny

W3 3-363 

+49441 798 3829

E-Mail: manueljqzs5.n0qowotny/d(at)unig7rm-oldhg6denburwhrg.dehogw (mang0uel.bkzrtnowo98mtny6tt@uol.d/veeg3)


Research field: Hydrothermal Carbonisation (HTC)



  • Wet biomasses
  • HTC reaction conditions
  • Highly porous bio-chars as catalyst carrier
  • Short-HTC


PhD Thesis:

Title: Production of highly porous biochars by application of Hydrothermal Carbonisation

Generating of Bio-Hydrochar with huge surfaces by application of Hydrothermal Carbonisation (HTC), in the framework of the German-Dutch INTERREG project Groene Kaskade.

HTC allows the transformation of biomasses in a simple way, especially biomasses with a high water content, into useful products.

The generated bio-char can be used in various fields, for example as catalyst carrier.

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