About the University

History of the University 

  • 7th March 1793
    Duke Peter Friedrich Ludwig of Oldenburg creates the first seminar for teachers.
  • 27th March 1929
    The council of the free state of Oldenburg establishes the Oldenburg Pedagogic Academy.
  • 1st October 1945
    The Pedagogic Academy is re-established as the first institute of teacher training in Germany after World War II. Renaming of the academy in 1948 into Pedagogic University Oldenburg.
  • 23rd February 1959
    The town council of the City of Oldenburg decides to set up a university.
  • 13th March 1970
    “Memorandum to the establishment of Oldenburg and Osnabrück University” by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture.
  • 26th April 1972
    The Oldenburg University Association e.V. is founded.
  • 5th December 1973
  • The University of Oldenburg is founded, into which the Pedagogic University is integrated.
  • 29th May 1974
  • Proclamation of the University’s fundamental order and naming of the University after the Nobel Peace Price winner Carl von Ossietzky. The name is rejected by the Lower Saxony state government.
  • 17th December 1974
    Signing of a treaty of cooperation with the German federation of trade unions (Lower Saxony district) and with the educational union “Work and Life e.V.”.
  • 4/5th May 1978
    First “Ossietzky Days” in memory of the 40th anniversary of the death of Carl von Ossietzky.
  • 17th April 1980
    First signing of a treaty of cooperation with an international university, the Rijksuniversiteit te Groningen. Today, the University cooperates with more than 150 Universities around the world.
  • 16th April 1981
    Restructuring of the University into 9 different schools: FB1 Education, FB 2 Communication and Aesthetics, FB 3 Social Sciences, FB 4 Economics and Law, FB 5 Philosophy, Psychology and Sport Sciences, FB 6 Mathematics, FB 7 Biology, FB 8 Physics, FB 9 Chemistry.
  • 15th October 1982
    Opening of the central area Uhlhornsweg (library, canteen, sports complex)
  • 1st April 1984
    Establishment of the first institutes.
  • 7th June 1984
    Introduction of Magister courses.
  • 28th June 1984
    Opening of the science buildings at Wechloy.
  • 23rd December 1984
    Founding of the school of Informatics (FB 10).
  • 1st April 1987
    Division of FB 2 into FB 2 Communication / Aesthetics (Art and Music) and FB 11 Literature and Linguistics
  • 7th July 1987
    Founding of the interdisciplinary Institute of Chemistry and Marine Biology (ICBM).
  • 15th October 1990
    Number of students exceeds 10.000
  • 13th October 1991
    Ceremony to celebrate the naming of the University after Carl von Ossietzky. After more than 15 years all parties of the Lower Saxony state parliament agreed to an amendment of the Lower Saxony University Act.
  • 29th January 1992
    Opening of the Oldenburg Institute of research and development for tools of information and information systems (OFFIS) at the university
  • 13th June 1992
    Decision of the state government to establish a school of engineering sciences.
  • 18th August 1993
    Decision of the Lower Saxony state government and the Bremen senate to create a science centre for both universities.
  • 6th October 1993
    Decision of the senate to introduce a “Global Budget”, which turns the university into a state institution and promotes a higher degree of independence.
  • 6th April 1994
    Founding of the Network of North German Universities (Bremen, Greifswald, Hamburg, Kiel, Lübeck, Oldenburg and Rostock) with the aim of planning and implementing a system of course evaluation. The participating universities are among the first to start fulfilling this new requirement of the German Science Council
  • 8th October 1994
    Presentation of the critical edition of Ossietzky’s complete works in 8 volumes at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The publication is the result of an interdisciplinary research project at the University of Oldenburg, which received funding from the DFG.
  • 10th October 1994
    Official opening of the new Institute of Chemistry and Marine Biology (ICBM) building at Wechloy. The Marine Science station Wilhelmshaven, which also houses the TERRAMARE research centre is opened shortly after, on 15th July 1995
  • 1st January 1995
    Introduction of the “Global Budget”.
  • 13th October 1997
    Opening of the Hanse Institute for Advanced Studies in Delmenhorst.
  • 14th April 1998
    The first lectures are being held in the new Auditorium.
  • 28th May 2001
    Opening of the new economic science building.
  • 27th June 2001
    Decision of the Senate to introduce a new organisational structure: instead of the former 11, there will be 5 faculties.
  • 21st November 2002
    The City of Oldenburg and the university sign an agreement of extended collaboration.
  • 1st April 2003
    The newly build faculties and institutes commence work
  • 1st October 2004
    The Lehramt and Magister degrees are changed into Bachelor and Master Degrees.
  • 27th  March 2007
    An agreement with the EWE Group is signed about the establishment of the EWE-Research Centre for Energy Technology at University Oldenburg
  • 11th  October 2007
    Announcement of the establishment of two junior research groups in organic and inorganic biogeochemistry and analytics by the Max Planck  Society