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Project Management

Project Management (PM)


This course will prepare the participants for the successful and efficient management of all kinds of projects within continuing education, university and academic institutions. Basic, methodical, organisational and social skills will be considered. This course will not only introduce to the methods and procedures of project management but the participants will also learn to apply these in the respective contextes.

Learning Outcomes:

After this course, the participants should

  • have learnt about the meaning and the implication of the project concept in international educational contexts
  • have knowledge of the special characteristics of educational und academic/research projects
  • have learnt about theoretical approaches for project management, project phases and project life cycles
  • have abilities to work out relevant criteria for success and failure of projects
  • have the ability to develop strategies/approaches for the successful work on own projects
  • be able to reflectively choose and adopt appropriate instruments supporting the preparation, the planning, the execution and the completion of projects
(Stand: 20.04.2022)