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Dienstag, 19. Juni 2018

  • 18:00 Uhr, A14 1-111

    Vortrag: "Gender on/ under Fire: A Public Conversation on Gender-Based Violence with Perspectives from South Africa, India and Germany"

    u.a. mit Prof. Dr. Sheila Meintjes (Johannesburg), Prof. Dr. Paula Banerjee (Kolkata) u. Dr. Lydia Potts (Oldenburg). – Gender-based violence is currently a controversial topic globally: e.g. femicides and ?corrective rape? in South Africa, various forms of rape in India, but also the gender dimensions of displacement of the Rohingyas, violence against women in the public and private sphere in Germany and the controversy on refugee and migration issues.What and who makes these topics the key topics? What are the effects of political, media or feminist interventions? What do we learn or unlearn from comparative or multi sited gender analyses and from international academic exchange?

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