Master Cluster

Master Cluster

The Water and Coastal Management study programme is part of the Master Cluster at the University of Oldenburg.

COAST coordinates and arranges various degree programmes combined in the Master Cluster. A wide range of master courses are available to applicants who are interested in multidisciplinary education in the field of sustainability sciences. Students enrolled in one of the following master programmes can select diverse modules from different academic directions.

  • Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE)
  • European Renewable Energy Centres (EUREC
  • Water and Coastal Management (WCM)
  • Sustainability Economics and Management (SEM)
  • Landscape Ecology (LOEK)
  • Marine Environmental Sciences (MUWI)
  • Environmental Modelling (UMO)
  • Business Information Systems - Very Large Business Applications (VLBA)

For more information, please have a look at the COAST-Flyer.


(Stand: 29.04.2022)