Svend-Age Biehs: Fluktuierende Elektrodynamik und Nahfeldwärmetransport

Author(s): Svend-Age Biehs

Fluktuierende Elektrodynamik und Nahfeldwärmetransport
fluctuating electrodynamics and near field heat transfer

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Keywords: radiating heat transfer, fluctuating near field, fluctuating electrodynamics, Rytov, evanescent modes, drude materials

PACS: 44., 44.40.+a, 46.

In this work the influence of the fluctuating near field to the radiative heat transfer is determined. The radiative heat transfer of two infinite bodies separated by a vacuum gap is calculated using Rytov's fluctuating electrodynamics and the method of Green's functions. The analytical expression of the poynting vector is evaluated numerically for the case of drude materials including a discussion of the dependence of the relaxation time and plasma frequency. It is shown that the knowledge of the fluctuating field in the proximity of a dielectric body is essential to understand the contribution of evanescent modes to the radiative heat transfer.

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