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Two doctors in surgical clothing stand in front of the operating table and move the large, round operating lamp by hand.
Top News Research Human Medicine

New dimensions in surgery

Dirk Weyhe sees IT and digitalization playing an integral role in the operating rooms of the future. He and his team are working to harness new…

View from above of four students standing with their instructor at the anatomage, a screen table that is currently displaying the skeleton of a human being.
Campus Life Human Medicine

Setting up forty additional chairs is not enough

Next winter semester, 120 new medical students will begin their studies at the University of Oldenburg, before only 80 students were accepted. The…

Top News Human Medicine

40 additional medical study places

The parties in government of Lower Saxony presented the results of the budget meetings on Tuesday. According to that, an additional 40 medical study…

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Top News Human Medicine

Lonely people trust less

Lack of trust can make lonely people feel even lonelier, according to a current study in which researchers from Oldenburg were involved.

Zwei Ärzte sehen ein Röntgenbild der Lunge an.
Top News Human Medicine

Better treatment for lung cancer

New insights are paving the way for highly targeted cancer therapies. In this interview, Frank Griesinger, director of the Centre for Internal…

A hand with tweezers holds a cornea.
Human Medicine Top News School VI

Keeping an eye on things

We think of the cornea as a windscreen for the eye. But this transparent layer of tissue is far more complex than a simple protective covering. Stefan…

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