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Foto Dr. Christiane Brokmann-Nooren Dipl.-Päd.

Dr. Christiane Brokmann-Nooren
Head of the Open University Department

T +49(0)441 798-4420
F +49(0)441 798-4411

Contact information for the programmes is provided on the webpage of the programme. Our office staff will be happy to help you with any enquiries.

Open University

Open University

Since its founding, the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg has positioned itself as an open university, an institution of higher learning with programmes and courses open to a diverse range of target groups.

The University uses various formats for this purpose. For instance, members of the public (generally people living in the area) can enrol as guest students and attend and participate in open courses. 

Our Open University initiative encompasses activities to prepare prospective students for higher education, e.g., guest student courses, courses to prepare for the Z-Prüfung (admission exam), and courses aimed at facilitating the transition from vocational training to higher education. The University also includes extramural activities organised in conjunction with other institutions in the regional context, e.g., the Uni am Markt (Uni on the Market) initiative, a collaboration with Oldenburg State Theatre, and other lectures offered as part of the Science for the Public initiative).

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