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Netiquette for requests by e-mail

For personal enquiries please have your student ID or application number ready on hand.

Regulations (only in German available)

Enrolment affairs - an overview

Here you will find the most important information and forms relating to your student status and the organisation of your studies.

Change of address

To make sure that you receive your enrolment certificate and CampusCard on time and without complication, you can change your address directly in Stud.IP.

  • Use the link Study details > Contact data to change your address directly.

You can also print your enrolment certificate unter Study details > Reports.

Leave of absence


You can take a leave of absence without reason for a maximum of three semesters. If you would like to take a leave of absence beyond this limit, you must provide a justified reason, for which you need to provide evidence. The maximum permitted leave of absence if an important reason has been provided and approved is five semesters. Parental leave is an exception in this case. If you are caring for a child, you are entitled to a leave of absence of a maximum of six semesters up to the end of the child's eighth year. 


A leave of absence must have been applied for within one month after the start of the lecture period via your student account in Stud.IP under Study details > My Studies > Requests at the Admissions Office. We recommend submitting your application during the reregistration period so that you do not receive any reminders or you are not deregistered for not reregistering.


BAFöG recipients must inform the Student Administration and Social Welfare Organisation (Studentenwerk) of their leave of absence at the earliest possible opportunity. During the leave of absence you may not attend courses or sit examinations (however examinations sat in another country may be accredited with the agreement of the examination committee). 

Important links

Academic calendar

Semester contribution/Payment

Social counselling for Leave of absence (only in German)


You can file a request for de-registration. We can de-register you at any time at your request, but not retroactively. If you do not specify a date for de-registration, you will be de-registered at the end of the current semester.

  • You can find the form in Stud.IP in the upper right corner next to webmail under Study details > My Studies > Requests.

Please drop your CampusCard into the letter box in front of Building V01 or mail it to us if you do not wish to de-register at the end of the semester.

The AStA will decide whether a partial refund of the semester ticket fees is possible based on the certificate of de-registration.

In case you have also filed a request for a refund of fees (reason: semester fees - refund following de-registration), the semester fee can only be refunded if your CampusCard is returned in time.
Please note that fees paid can only be refunded if you file your request before the start of the lecture period or within a month of the start date of the lecture period. However, both the subject semester and the university semester count for the current semester.

Important links

Academic calendar

Social counselling for graduates (only in German)

Health insurance

Students under and including 30 years of age must submit proof of health insurance on enrolment. Students who are aged 31 and above do not need to submit evidence of health insurance.

Further information about health insurance (in German)


At the University of Oldenburg, the CampusCard is issued to students as a student identity card and semester ticket. The CampusCard can also be used as a means of payment at the Studentenwerk cash desks.

CampusCard for students​​​​​​


If you would like to continue studying your degree programme, you must re-register every semester. Please transfer your semester fees on time. Once you have re-registered, you must have your CampusCard re-labelled (validated).

Re-registration periods

  • 1 - 31 July for the following winter semester
  • 15 January - 15 February for the following summer semester



Withdrawal of enrolment

You can withdraw your enrolment within one month of the start of the lecture period.
You will then be considered as never having enrolled.

Any amounts paid will only be refunded if the request for withdrawal is submitted within one month of the start of the lecture period.
Please submit a refund of fees request stating the reason "withdrawal of enrolment".

  • You can find the request form here: Stud.IP > My Studies > Requests.

To be able to reimburse you, we require your CampusCard. Please send it to

Immatrikulationsamt der Carl von Ossietzky Universität,
26111 Oldenburg.

Please state the reason for the return so that the card can be processed accordingly.

Important links

Academic calendar

Part-time study

Part-time study is possible in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes if the respective examination regulations provide for this.

Application procedure

Before submitting the application to the Admissions Office, the study plan must be signed by the subject-specific student advisor. An application must be submitted for at least one semester or for one academic year (two semesters).

Application deadlines

  • By 31 July of the year for the winter semester
  • By 15 February of the year for the summer semester

Students who are starting their degree at the University of Oldenburg can apply for part-time study upon enrolment.

Students can apply to earn 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% and 80% of the available credit points listed in the examination regulations. The standard period of study increases accordingly. 


The long-term study fees (EUR 500) are reduced accordingly. The remaining semester fee is not reduced. Part-time students initially pay the full re-registration fee.

Please clarify the non-university related consequences of part-time studies with the respective responsible office, for example

  • BAföG office
  • Child benefit office
  • Health insurance
  • Social Benefits advisor of the Studentenwerk Oldenburg

Important links

Effects on BAföG entitlement

Other social law implications, e.g. unemployment benefit II, working student status, etc.


Part-time study regulations

Part-time study application


Admissions Office

Social Counselling of the Studentenwerk Oldenburg

Double degrees / Multiple enrolments

Students may enrol in different degree programmes at several universities if it is possible to study at both universities at the same time. If you are unsure, please contact the relevant School.

Students who are already enrolled in a degree programme with admission restrictions at the University of Oldenburg may only enrol in another degree programme with admission restrictions under certain conditions. For more information, please contact your administration team at the Admissions Office.

Second degree programme

If you have already successfully completed a university degree programme and are starting another undergraduate degree programme, this is regarded as a second degree programme. A Master’s degree programme that requires you to have obtained a Bachelor’s degree (consecutive degree programme) does not count as a second degree programme.

Second degree programme 

Application for a second degree (Bachelor) (in German)

Name or gender changes

Since 1 November 2023, it is possible at the University of Oldenburg to apply for a change of name or change of gender entry for different reasons. There are various things to consider here.

Name and gender changes

Maternity leave

During pregnancy or breastfeeding, students also enjoy full maternity leave since January 01, 2018. In order for the university to initiate and ensure the necessary legal protective measures, the university should be informed of the pregnancy or breastfeeding period as early as possible.

Maternity leave for students

Accident insurance

All students and PhD candidates are insured against accidents by Landeskasse Niedersachsen in Hanover. The costs for this are covered by the state of Lower Saxony and students do not have pay contributions. If you have an accident, please submit an accident form to the InfoDesk in the SSC or Admissions Office. All accidents must be reported, not just sport accidents. Please fill out the form using a computer and not by hand.  

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