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Financing your studies

Financing your studies

Information and advice on financing your studies, for example on student loans, is available from the Student Service Organisation (Studentenwerk). You can find out about your entitlement to BAföG and other options at Oldenburger Studentenwerk.

Further possibilities for financing

The International Office offers a number of additional information about how to finance your studies as an international student:

Finances: Tuition, Costs and Scholarships

Loans and support programmes

For a variety of reasons, you can get into payment difficulties through no fault of your own. Various support options may help.

Loans and support programmes - Studentenwerk Oldenburg (in German)

Support programmes available include, for example:

Studienstarthilfe (Study start-up support)

For prospective students who, for financial reasons, cannot afford the initial tuition fee.

Studienstarthilfe (Study start-up support) - in German

Nothilfefonds (Emergency aid fund)

For students in financial need during their studies.

Nothilfefonds (Emergency aid fund) - in German

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