Graduate Academy

Dr. Susanne Elpers
Officer for Early Career Researchers with a focus on Postdocs and Equal Opportunities

Dr. Julia Anna Matz
Officer for Early Career Researchers with a focus on Doctoral Candidates and International Issues

Doctoral Candidate Representation Committee

Early Career Researchers

The University of Oldenburg recognises the central importance of early career researchers and strives to strategically support this group in all phases of the career stage. To this end, the university has developed strategic papers and concepts regarding the support of early career researchers.

The Graduate Academy is the university’s central transdisciplinary support unit that promotes the qualification of early career researchers for different academic occupational fields and career paths, and offers transdisciplinary workshops for doctoral candidates, postdocs, leaders of junior research groups (Nachwuchsgruppenleitende), and junior professors. The Graduate School for Social Sciences and Humanities (3GO) and the Graduate School for Science, Medicine, and Technology (Oltech)  provide the frame for structured doctoral programs and offer subject-related training courses close to field requirements for the university’s doctoral researchers.

Regarding international, legal, and other topics related to equal opportunities, insurances etc. we have collected specific information for doctoral candidates and postdocs. Advice and support regarding funding for e.g. research projects, individual funding or conference travel can be found on the websites of the research funding unit .

(Changed: 2021-04-30)