Dr. Birte Lipinski
Head of Department for Research and Transfer

+49 (0)441 798-5478

Research Profile of the University

In recent years, the University of Oldenburg has developed a strategy fostering existing research strengths to fully exploit the university´s research potential. This strategic process has had an increased national and international visibility of the University of Oldenburg.

Based on a comprehensive assessment standard process, the University has set the following main topics for it´s research and teaching:

Environment and Sustainability

The guiding theme Environment and Sustainability combines questions and methods of natural and social sciences and sociology with the declared aim to develop forward-looking solutions for a reflected, responsible and efficient use of the resources of our planet. It brings together the priorities of biodiversity and marine sciences, sustainability and energies of the future.

Associated focal points:

Humans and Technology

The development and implementation of technical innovations is studied in detail in conjunction with the “Human Factor” in the guiding theme of "Humans and Technology". Different disciplines question opportunities and limits of the interplay of the two components, both in relation to the individual as well as overall social systems. The guiding theme combines the priorities of hearing research, cooperative safety-critical systems, neurosensory science as well as health care systems and patient orientation. 

Associated focal points:

Society and Education

The guiding theme "Society and Education" brings together essential questions of human existence and development with the question of the framework of the surrounding systems from the humanistic and cultural, sociological and socio-scientific perspective. Possibilities and limits of human participation are discussed, and individual as well as societal design and change processes are considered in this context. The guiding theme combines the priorities of diversity and participation, social participation and education, professionalization processes in teacher education and social transformation and subjectification.

Associated focal points:

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