Office hours are cancelled

Until further notice, all face-to-face advisory services of the International Office are cancelled. During "emergency mode" you can still reach us by e-mail at <stroy9long></sqm4trong>ht3 (studpfsgium@uol.1jbde). Students find more detailed information in Stud.IP.

Due to the emergency mode, an increased volume of e-mail is to be expected. We ask for your understanding for any delays that may occur.

Networking of German/local and international students

The University of Oldenburg offers various opportunities for international and German students to get to know each other. You are very much welcome as a participant or a volunteer. 

Our Intercultural Meet-Up provides an informal setting for international students and German students to meet at regular events such as Game Nights or the International Dinner.
Intercultural Meet-Up

Our Buddy programme matches a local student with an international student.
Buddy programme

Our "Uni-Lotsen" (Integration Pilot Service for Foreign Students) support international students, e.g. they help with proof-reading your academic papers and offer an "International Coffee Hour" on a regular basis.

You would like to improve your German language skills with a native speaker? Join our sprachtandem project and help a native German speaker with your language, and your German partner practices German with you. Sprachtandem

The Language Café is an informal way to practice a foreign language. 
Language Café


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