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How to create your timetable for new students

How to create your timetable for new students

At German universities, it is very common to create your own timetable rather than having it created for you. So, creating your own timetable is a “must do” when beginning your studies.
In addition to the information provided below, you will receive help with creating your timetable during the orientation week.

The examination regulations are the basis for creating your timetable! Please note that most of these regulations are provided in German only.

Depending on whether you study a Bachelor’s programme (one subject) or a Dual-Subject Bachelor’s programme, you will either have to follow ONE set of examination regulations or you will need to combine the requirements of BOTH sets of examination regulations for your subjects. In both cases, you will take courses in the area of specialisation in addition to your subject(s).

The examination regulations provide all information you need regarding the courses you are required to take. In addition, most subjects provide a study plan, which offers you graphical orientation for your planning.

So, while you will find concrete guidelines in the Bachelor's programmes, you will have to set up your own personal timetable based on the requirements of the individual subjects when studying a Dual-Subject Bachelor's programme. 

Find out how this works by clicking on your degree programme or subject combination below.


The tool for creating timetables shows the examination regulations that are valid for students in the first semester. Students in a higher semester will find the examination regulations applicable to them in their personal Stud.IP account.

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