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Excellence cluster Hearing4all

The Ocean Floor – Earth’s Uncharted Interface

Excellence Strategy

Since 2012, the University of Oldenburg has been among the winners of the German Excellence Competition in the Cluster of Excellence funding line. This promotes internationally competitive fields of research at universities and university alliances.



Cluster of Excellence „Hearing4all: Medicine, Basic Research and Engineering Solutions for Personalized Hearing Care (H4A 2.0)”

The cluster of excellence "Hearing4all: Models, technology and solutions for diagnostics, restoration and support of hearing" managed by the University in cooperation with Hannover Medical School and Leibniz Universität Hannover has been awarded altogether 28 million Euro of funding for its groundbreaking research between 2012 and 2018.

The Oldenburg-Hannover consortium yet again convinced evaluators in the new round of the nation-wide excellence competition. Their cluster proposal “Hearing4all: Medicine, Basic Research and Engineering Solutions for Personalized Hearing Care (H4A 2.0)” has been approved for funding and will, equipped with a grant 51 million Euros in total, run its excellent research endeavours from 2019 onwards for another seven years.
Hearing research made in Oldenburg has thus once again proved its outstanding and internationally competitive standard.

Spokesperson for the cluster of excellence is the internationally renown Oldenburg physician Professor Birger Kollmeier. By joining fundamental research with applied and clinical research as well as clinical services and engineering in a unique way, the cluster of excellence Hearing4all generates path-breaking impulses for hearing diagnostics and rehabilitative technology. Partners in the cluster include HörTech gGmbH, Jade University of Applied Sciences, the Hearing Centres in Hannover and Oldenburg, Fraunhofer Project Group for Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology, Fraunhofer ITEM, and Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg-Institute for Advanced Study Delmenhorst. As an integrated unit of the cluster of the excellence the “Joint Research Academy in Biomedical Engineering and Science of Hearing and Sensory Systems” accompanies early career hearing researchers in Oldenburg and Hannover on their career pathways.

Cluster of Excellence „The Ocean Floor – Earth’s Uncharted Interface”

Two further Oldenburg scientists are also among the winners of the latest round of the excellence competition. The geochemist Professor Thorsten Dittmar and the marine ecologist Professor Helmut Hillebrand of Oldenburg University’s Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment were co-applicants for the successful cluster of excellence “The Ocean Floor: Earth’s Unchartered Interface” which is coordinated by the University of Bremen. The research topics to be explored at Oldenburg – together with partners – will focus on “The Ocean Floor as Receiver” and “The Ocean Floor as Recorder”. The research aims at generating state of the art findings on the process by which carbon is extracted from the atmosphere and then finds its way into the deep sea as well as at comparing current changes in biodiversity with those that have occurred over the geologic time scale.

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