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Portrait photo of sociology professor Gundula Zoch.
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Equal care – why is there so little change?

Despite family policy reforms, mothers still do more unpaid family work than fathers. Sociology professor Gundula Zoch explains why this is the case…

The picture shows the plenary hall of the German Bundestag.
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"Standing up for democracy"

Right-wing extremist attitudes are on the rise, trust in democracy appears to be fragile. In an interview, political educationalist Tonio Oeftering…

Close-up of an EU flag with yellow stars on a blue background.
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Europe as peace project

With Europe Day on 9 May, the European Union celebrates its unity. Here, social scientist Martin Heidenreich talks about the role of the EU for peace…

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Understanding Prisons

According to human geographer Jennifer Turner, the military past of prison facilities and prison staff shapes the entire penal system. At the…

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A network of support

The way families live together has changed over time. A team of researchers led by Oldenburg social scientist Dr Kai Willführ is using historical data…

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Research behind bars

Anna Katharina Schliehe is interested in experiences of incarceration. The human geographer has been awarded a fellowship by the prestigious Marie…

Covid Top News Social Sciences

Vaccination strategies: a global challenge

If citizens were to decide how limited supplies of vaccines are allocated in a pandemic, what would national and global vaccination strategies look…

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
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"A positive history of democracy"

Political education often leads a niche existence. The German reunification offers a good opportunity to demonstrate the achievements of democracy,…

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