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Semester: Winter term 2024

OLT112024 Scientific Writing Workshop -  

Event date(s) | room

  • Montag, 11.11.2024 9:00 - 17:00 | tba
  • Dienstag, 12.11.2024 9:00 - 16:00 | tba


This Scientific Writing Workshop concentrates on the process of writing an academic manuscript in the natural sciences (biology, medicine, chemistry, physics). Choosing an audience, creating a story, explaining complex data and formulating convincing arguments will be discussed. Additionally, detailed information will be given regarding the content of each manuscript section. Workshop participants will be instructed in the formal and organizational aspects of academic writing and train their competency with exercises.
Intended Learning Outcomes
At the end of the workshop participants will:
  • have a detailed overview of the structure of a scientific manuscript.
  • learn to build an interesting story from their data.
  • improve their argumentation skills for writing convincingly.
  • improve their writing structure and flow.
  • be familiarized with the publishing process.

Participant requirements
Participants should bring a 250-300 word abstract on their own work
A paper from their field (no reviews please).




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