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Semester: Summer term 2024

57.01.130 Immunohistochemistry and fluorescence microscopy (A 3-1) -  

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    This course aims to improve immunohistochemical research techniques. This includes fluorescence microscopy, data analysis, and presentation. The course is recommended for PhD students with prior microscopy experience and with plans to incorporate corresponding techniques into their ongoing PhD project. We will build upon the knowledge level the PhD student brings and develop or strengthen the required skills. Possible aspects may include effective planning of immunohistochemical experiments, optimal tissue preparation, fluorescence staining techniques, confocal laser scanning or epifluorescence microscopy, image processing, data analysis, and finding the right figure design for the corresponding purpose. The final content of the course will be decided after consultation with the participating PhD students and embedded in the individual PhD projects.


    Study fields

    • Interdisziplinäre Veranstaltungen / Interdisciplinary courses
    • olt705 - Research methods and techniques



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