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The photo shows several participants of the excursion. They are standing on a mountain and looking into the distance. There are lakes and several hilltops.
Campus Life Environmental Sciences

In the land of the midnight sun

Unspoiled nature, vast lakes, reindeer everywhere – on a field trip to northern Sweden, students from various degree programmes were able to…

Top News Environmental Sciences Marine Sciences

Mudflat dwellers under heat stress

How does unusual heat affect the flora and fauna of the Wadden Sea? Researchers from the Institute of Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment…

Photo of the Altwarmbücher Moor near Hanover. In the foreground water can be seen, in the middle a green overgrown island. In the background are bare trees, for example birches.
Top News Environmental Sciences

Restoring ecosystems is a huge task

Peatlands, meadows, forests: About 80 percent of habitats in Europe are in poor condition. Rainer Buchwald explains in this interview why this trend…

A great tit sits in a knothole.
Research Top News Environmental Sciences

"Species are disappearing faster than we thought"

The local loss of species may often be underestimated. A new biodiversity study by Lucie Kuczynski and Helmut Hillebrand shows that species richness…

Abstract painting with wooden panels connected by lines to form a net.
Research Top News Environmental Sciences Marine Sciences

Safe havens for cooperation

How do networks with a high degree of cooperation form? A study by team led by Oldenburg network researcher Thilo Gross in the journal PNAS gives a…

Aerial view of a branched Finnish lake surrounded by forest at sunset.
Research Top News Environmental Sciences

Natural clean-up

A study of 29 European lakes has found that some naturally-occurring lake bacteria grow faster and more efficiently on the remains of plastic bags…

Close up of spider web underneath a road sign.
Top News Environmental Sciences Research Chemistry

Catching microplastics with spider webs

Flies, dust and even microplastics - spider webs capture whatever travels through the air. Researchers have now for the first time tested if they can…

The photo shows an underwater shot of fish, sponges and corals in a coral reef.
Top News Environmental Sciences

"We must think nature with and not against people".

Biodiversity – the diversity of ecosystems, organisms and their interactions – is threatened as never before, despite all efforts. In this interview,…

An aerial image shows the branching tidal creeks and differently colored salt marshes.
Research Environmental Sciences Top News

The birth of an island

The North Sea island of Spiekeroog is a huge natural laboratory: A team of researchers led by Gudrun Massmann and Luise Giani has studied how its wild…

View of a beach against the light
Environmental Sciences Top News

A dynamical world underground

The German Research Foundation is funding a new research group at the university. The DynaDeep project, led by hydrogeologist Gudrun Massmann, is…

A river meanders through a light forest.
Environmental Sciences Top News

"No safe operating space"

Are tipping points suitable concepts for developing environmental policies? Probably not, as even small environmental changes can have major…

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