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The picture shows a group of students playing the game "Woodbanks". The playing field is in the centre of the table, with small wooden chips on it that are moved by the players. There is also a dice on the table.
Sustainability Campus Life Landingpage [Entdecken] Persönliches Economics

A playful approach to dilemmas

When the dice roll in Sophie Berg and Hendrik Wolter's seminar, it' less about fun and games and more about becoming more aware of the conflicting…

World map with temperature anomalies
Sustainability Top News

“We need to act very fast”

The effects of climate change are increasingly evident. Reforms to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) could increase its impact and…

Sustainability Top News Higher Education Policy

The greenhouse-gas balance: a driver for climate action

A reliable basis for making climate-friendly decisions within the university has been created with the latest release of the greenhouse gas report.…

Sustainability Top News

Role model for sustainability

Commitment to sustainability has a long tradition at the University of Oldenburg. Now the university has been nominated for the German Sustainability…

Screen with GIZ logo in the foreground, behind it out of focus two GIZ founding advisors.
Sustainability Top News GIZ

Sustainable from the start

The university interlinks start-ups and sustainability at all levels – research, teaching and consultancy. Those interested in launching a company…

The group in the green in front of a university building, two people hold the climate protection concept in their hands.
Sustainability Energy Top News

University adopts climate action plan

The university aims to be climate neutral by 2030. An integrated climate protection concept provides the framework for this ambitious plan.

Scientist Leena Karrasch on a footbridge leading across salt marshes.
Research Sustainability Top News People

At the interface

Rising sea levels, groundwater salinisation and drier summers: the consequences of climate change affect the coastal areas of northern Germany. Leena…

Some flowers in the foreground, students with gardening tools in the background, a raised bed and the university building behind.
Sustainability Top News

Stopping the loss of species

The university is a founding member of the "Nature Positive Universities" alliance – recently presented at the UN Biodiversity Conference in Montreal.…

Sustainability Campus Life People

Working for cultural transformation

Climate Protection Manager Anna Krämer is committed to achieving climate neutrality at the University of Oldenburg. In this interview, she talks about…

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