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Please take note of the current information, especially regarding the general rules of conduct as well as the area for students and the 3G registration points.


You will also receive current communications from the Presidential Board by e-mail. Therefore, please check your university email account regularly.

Events for new students (student representatives)

Programme of the student representatives

Students of higher semesters volunteer in the so-called Fachschaft or the Fachschaftsrat and organise, for example, offers within the framework of the orientation week.

Participation in a student representatives programme is voluntary, but can be a good way to establish contacts and easily get tips and answers to questions from experienced students. Some student representatives can also help you set up your timetable.

Your student representatives' programme may only be published in German. Please do not let that deter you. Efforts will be made to assist you. You can also contact your student representatives in advance by email to see if there is someone who can communicate with you in English.

You can read about the preparations that have been made by your student representatives on their respective website(s). Look for your student representatives in the list of hyperlinks: List of student representatives

What is a student representative?

Which student representatives could be of interest to me?

If you are doing a single-subject Bachelor's degree or a specialised/Master's degree programme, this will often be quite clear: There will probably be a designated student representative.

If you enrolled in a dual-subject Bachelor's degree programme, however, or a Master of Education programme, the student representatives for both your first and your second subject are open to you, and you can participate in both programmes.

In addition, there is a student representative for teaching degrees, and a collaborative HB-OL student representatives is available to you in the case of a co-operation subject with the University of Bremen. It is also worth taking a look at what those student representatives have to offer.

(Changed: 2021-10-01)