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Facts and Data

  • Duration: 4 semesters
  • Degree Award: Master of Education
  • Language: German
  • admission free
  • Special admission requirements

Course of study

Technology - Master of Education Programme (Hauptschule and Realschule)

The Master of Education lasts for four semesters and is a continuation of your teaching qualification. This master's degree programme teaches comprehensive education science and practical teaching skills for education in Haupt- and Realschulen. You will broaden your curricular knowledge in both teaching subjects chosen.

Orientation and Goals

This master's degree programme prepares students for a career in teaching at Haupt- and Realschulen. Students learn and use current research methods with practical relevance within schools in their research project. They also gain practical experience in schools during an 18-week practical course and teach their first lessons.

Study Design and Contents

The standard period of study for the Master of Education (Haupt- and Realschule) is four semesters. You must earn a total of 120 credit points to complete the programme. Particular emphasis is placed on education science-related content studied in the area of specialization (36 credit points). Practical experience is gained in the form of an 18-week practical course (30 credit points) in schools in the Weser-Ems area. A subject or education science-related research project (15 credit points) provides research-orientated learning. You will advance your curricular knowledge in both teaching subjects (9 credit points each). At the end of the degree programme, you will follow the Masterabschlussmodul (18 credit points) and the Abschlusskolloquium (3 credit points).

Teaching and Learning

Through diverse modes of instruction and learning (portfolios, presentation days, tutorials), you will learn to conduct independent research at an academic level with professional supervision. Curricular knowledge, subject-specific teaching methods, practical teaching skills and education science-related content are linked closely throughout the programme.
The modules 'Inklusion' and 'Schul- und Unterrichtsforschung und ihre Forschungsmethoden' are an important part of this. During the practical phase, students have access to a network of experienced mentors.

Reasons for Studying

  • Strength in education: Over 40% of students at the University of Oldenburg are studying for a teaching degree
  • Strength in research: Innovative research project; final papers can be integrated into research projects; special doctoral programme in teaching and learning research
  • Strength in supervision: Intensive supervision through a network of experienced mentors in the practical phase

Foreign Language Skills

In order to study this course at the University of Oldenburg as a student from outside of Germany, you need an adequate knowledge of German.

German Language Proficiency
  • DSH: Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (Level 2)
  • TestDaF: Test – Deutsch als Fremdsprache (with level 4 in all four areas)

The proof of language proficiency must be presented for the enrolment. For other proof possiblities see: Language requirements

Careers and Areas of Employment

The Master of Education degree programme for Haupt- und Realschulen prepare students for a teaching position in these schools. It is a prerequisite for teacher training (Referendariat) and a teaching position in Realschulen, Hauptschulen, Oberschulen and Gesamtschulen.
Graduates can also work in private and religious schools, in private tutoring institutes or in schools in other countries. Completing the degree also qualifies students for PhD research.

Target Group/Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree or a similar qualification in the subjects required for the admission to the master's degree programme
  • Combination of subjects according to the regulations for Master's degrees for teachers in Lower Saxony (Nds. MasterVO) in the currently valid version
  • In both subjects a total of at least 90 credit points in modules related to the teaching profession, of which at least 30 credit points per subject
  • At least 12 credit points in teacher training related educational sciences
  • Successfully completed practical trainings, in a school and in another career area - in a total amount of at least 8 weeks

Application/Admission Procedures

The prerequisites above apply to the application.
This is an open admissions degree course. Application is only possible in the winter semester for 1st and higher semester.
The application deadline for the winter semester is 15th August.

Only for higher semester: The application deadline for the summer semester is 15th February
(Changed: 21 Jul 2022)