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  • Grund: M.Ed. Grundschule
  • Haupt/Real: M.Ed. Hauptschule and Realschule
  • Gym: M.Ed. Gymnasium
  • SoPäd: M.Ed. Special Needs Education
  • WiPäd: M.Ed. Vocational and Business Education


  • * = English Studies (English) as a core subject has new regulations, see explanation (in German)
  • = core subject, see explanation
  • = potential combination subject 
  • (Koop) = cooperation subject with the University of Bremen, see explanation

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Teaching careers with Bachelor's degrees and Master's degrees

At the start, you will study a Dual-Subject Bachelor's Programme with two school subjects for three years. After gaining your Bachelor's degree you will study a Master of Education (M.Ed.) Programme for two years.

The Master's degree is a prerequisite for teacher training (Referendariat). On successfully completing your teacher training and passing the second state examination, you will be qualified to teach in schools.

Teacher training
(only in German available)

Please note: In the Dual-Subject Bachelor’s Programme, you will already need to choose specific subject combinations for your chosen school type. For an overview, refer to the following table.

Download: Requirements for subject combinations [pdf] (Fächerkombinationen) 

Subject in dual-subject Bachelor's degree Subject in Master of Education programme Career in teaching: chosen school type
Grund Haupt/Real Gym SoPäd WiPäd
Anglistik Englisch           
Biologie Biologie       
Chemie Chemie         
Elementarmathematik Elementarmathematik       
Ev. Theologie und Religionspädagogik Evangelische Religion           
Frankoromanistik (Kooperationsfach Universität Bremen) Französisch (Kooperationsfach Universität Bremen)     
Geographie (Kooperationsfach Universität Bremen) Geographie (Kooperationsfach Universität Bremen)     
Germanistik Deutsch           
Geschichte Geschichte         
Hispanistik (Kooperationsfach Universität Bremen) Spanisch (Kooperationsfach Universität Bremen)     
Informatik Informatik       
Interdisziplinäre Sachbildung Sachunterricht     
Kunst und Medien Kunst         
Materielle Kultur: Textil Textiles Gestalten       
Mathematik Mathematik     
Musik Musik         
Niederlandistik Niederländisch       
Ökonomische Bildung Wirtschaft     
Philosophie/Werte und Normen Werte und Normen         
Philosophie/Werte und Normen Philosophie   
Physik Physik         
Politik-Wirtschaft Politik-Wirtschaft   
Slavistik Russisch   
Sonderpädagogik Sonderpädagogik     
Sozialwissenschaften Politik       
Sportwissenschaft Sport           
Technik Technik     
Wirtschaftswissenschaften Wirtschaftswissenschaften   

Further notes

Core subject: One of the core subjects must be chosen in the degree programme and combined with an additional subject. Two core subjects may also be combined.

Cooperation subject: These subjects can be studied in cooperation with the University of Bremen. The area of specialization and practical training modules are followed at the University of Oldenburg. Applications are processed by the University of Oldenburg.

Please note that an application for the cooperative Master of Education programme is only possible if the Bachelor's programme has already been studied in cooperation.


For the school type Gymnasium, the subjects biology and chemistry may be combined as an exception to the subject combination regulations.

Other exceptions may be approved in individual single cases. More information is available from NLQ (Niedersächsisches Landesinstitut für schulische Qualitätsentwicklung), section Exams.
Please use the form for exemption of a subject combination for teaching degree [doc].

For special needs education, Special Needs Education must be the primary subject. For business education, Economics must be the primary subject. 

(Changed: 2021-04-30)