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The AHS has previously held several meetings (Oldenburg, 1994, Thorn 1994 Oldenburg 1997 Bratislava 2001); for information on the meeting anthologies, please click here.


  • To mark the 100th anniversary of the first use of the term "the Sudeten Germans" by Franz Jesser, the Oldenburg project "Sudeten German History" was founded in 2003 at the AHS, which also contains an internet-portal.
  • The project also started the first documentation of printed source texts on the hundred year history of the Sudeten German nationalist movement.

  • With the use of this documentation a professional source edition on the history of the Sudeten German nationalist movement is being developed and the first part of contributions will be published for a comprehensive discourse-analytic designed representation of the "Sudeten German history" in an anthology.

Historical Research on Stereotypes (AHS)

Work Group Historical Research on Stereotypes (AHS)

The work Group Historical Research on Stereotypes (AHS) at the Institute of History of the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg is led by Prof. Dr. Hans Henning Hahn. Its activities focus on the historical research on the history of stereotypes in central and Eastern Europe. Since the establishment several international projects in cooperation are carried out above all with scientists from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who assumed the following four methodological principles:

  1. Stereotypes are solidified collective attributions with predominantly emotional content that can only be grasped in their linguistic and pictorial representations;
  2. Stereotype research does not attempt to determine the veracity of stereotypes nor does it disprove, but is to explore its function and effect in social discourse;
  3. Historical research on stereotypes also investigates the correlations between the origin, function and impact of stereotypes in the processes of collective identity formation;
  4. The interdependence and interaction of auto-stereotypes and heterosexual stereotypes is one of the preferred research interests of the Oldenburg AHS with the aim to contribute to the development of the historical multiple perspectives in the history of Central Europe.

Accordingly the AHS deals with the role of stereotypes in social discourses, with the correlation of the formation of stereotypes and nation building processes, with stereotypes as political tools and with the role of stereotypes in cultural transfer.

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