Internationalization at Home

Internationalization at Home

The concept Internationalization at Home calls for providing up to 20 fellowships for teaching staff from the University of Oldenburg’s partner institutions. The ERASMUS program has supported visiting lecturers from across Europe for a number of years. The Internationalization at Home Program is intended especially to bring guest researchers and lecturers to Oldenburg from outside Europe. These visitors are intended to lend a degree of international perspective as well as to enrich the teaching and learning experience within the scope of subjects, methodologies, and foreign languages. In this way, we can offer the benefits of international learning experiences and intercultural competence not only to those students who go abroad, but also to those who remain here. This can also be of benefit after visiting scholars return home, as they may continue to maintain and expand already existing links. Moreover, former visitors may motivate their students to spend time studying in Oldenburg, or else contribute to the consolidation of research networks.

Program Requirements


The application for the support of a guest lectureship can be found here.
Please submit your application to the International Relations Office (IRO) through the dean of your faculty. The application should be based upon the premise that the guest lecturer/researcher will be completely integrated into a faculty or institute, and should include an explanatory statement for the selection, as well as a description of themes and methods to be used in the course to be offered.


  • As a rule, no payments will be made for work.
  • The monies serve exclusively to cover overall costs incurred by guests (travel costs as well as accommodation; payments for the latter will be capped at € 350 per month).
  • Funds will be paid upon the submission of original receipts such as travel documents or receipts for accommodation, and may be paid directly to the guest through the institute’s account (KST/FST).  Additionally, a content report concerning the lectureship will be sent to the IRO.
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