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Prof. Dr. Petra Löffler

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Volker Tesch

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Institut für Kunst und visuelle Kultur
FK III Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaften
Carl von Ossietzky Universität
26111 Oldenburg

Institute of Art and Visual Culture

The teaching and research fields of the Institute of Art and Visual Culture cover a wide range of mutually complementary fields: the theory and history of art and visual culture, the theory and history of contemporary media, the correlation of art, teaching and education as well as questions of art and cultural gender studies, are all subjected to analysis. The focus is on the modern and the contemporary in both the history and theory of art and media as well as in the teaching component. The spheres of teaching and research are linked through an orientation towards cultural studies and current social and political issues.


A special characteristic of the degree programmes at the University of Oldenburg (the Oldenburg Model) has long been the interlocking of theoretical and practical-aesthetic activities so that scientific and artistic practice can stimulate each other. This means that aesthetic practice is an integral part of all our degree programmes, both in those that prepare students for the teaching profession, as well as those granting specialized academic qualifications.


The ‘Arts and Media’ Bachelor's degree programme is a polyvalent one, which means, that once completed, students may choose between the Master of Education (whether for special needs schools or any other type of primary or secondary school in Germany) or an Academic Fachmaster (for instance, in ‘Arts and Media Studies’, ‘Integrated Media’, ‘Museums and Exhibitions’ or ‘Cultural Analyses’). The Master's degree is, in turn, the basis to qualify for a PhD, which can be completed at the University of Oldenburg with or without a structured doctoral study programme.


The range of artistic/aesthetic practices include material-based printing techniques, drawing, painting, photography, film, video and digital media. Instruction in the practical exercises is largely project-based. This includes the development of exhibitions, artistic interventions and film programmes. We can rely on cooperation from numerous Oldenburg-based, cultural and art institutions (such as the Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst (media arts centre)).

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