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Prof. Dr. Thomas Alkemeyer

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Prof. Dr. Dirk Büsch

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Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Institut für Sportwissenschaft
Ammerländer Heerstraße 114-118
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Institute of Sport Science

Welcome to the Institute of Sport Science!

The Institute of Sport Science is characterized by the specificity of the sport science as a cross-discipline with social, cultural, educational, scientific and medical interests. This opens up unique opportunities for interdisciplinary perspectives of the body and movement in sport.

In the area of ​​research, the Institute was able to achieve a leading position in the publications in the CHE ranking in 2012. The Institute consists of five working areas (AB):

In the AB Sport & Movement Science curricula in the areas of sport psychology, training and movement science are offered. The research is both basic and applied research oriented and focuses among other things, on competitive sports in the life span.

The AB Sport & Training Science offers curricula in the field of exercise, sport and health. This includes, inter alia, biological sport, sports medicine and performance diagnostic content. The research focuses on the physical activity from a health perspective as well as the performance of Physiology in the foreground. For both scientific working areas experimental laboratories are available.

The AB Sport Education/-didactics focused primarily in teaching professionally designed learning and educational processes to the genus-specific discourses of sports in society. Of particular importance in teacher education is the learning through research in the context of educational background research. Other research areas the working area are the interpretative classroom and school sports research and the professionalization of research in sport.

The research emphasis of the working areas Sociology and Sociology of Sports is on the sociology of the body and movement, cultural sociology of sport, the sport praxeological research and subjectivation research. The central issue is as to the constitution and change of social systems and its subjects into the body practices and discourses of sport. Priorities and guiding principles in teaching are sociological theories, the relationship between theory and empirical research, research orientation and proximity to professional practice. The working area is part of the study programmes in Sport Science (Faculty IV), the Social Sciences (Faculty I), the MA Cultural Analysis (Faculty III) and the DFG Research Training Group "Self-Making. Practices of subjectivation in historical and interdisciplinary perspective".

In the AB Theory and Practice of Sports seminars and tutorials in 10 content areas in basic and advanced courses are offered. The focus of the education is the practical and theoretical exploration of the sports and exercise fields. In addition to the sport motor ability, and the development of fundamental knowledge about the respective areas of movement, the emphasis is placed on the development of theory-based mediation skills for all types of schools and special extracurricular areas of movement. For the practical teaching of comprehensive sports, facilities at the locations Uhlhornsweg and Wechloy are available. The Institute features a constructive cooperation with the students The students are represented by the Student Council, which acts as a link between students and teachers.

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