The Sport and Training Department has two labs for various health, fitness and performance diagnostics.

Lab equipment

The high-quality technical equipment enables comprehensive science-oriented analyses of the following target variables:

Mobility and posture control

Functional movement analysis system, goniometer, posture and seat analysis, high-speed cameras, inclinometer


Accelerometers, force plates, gyroscopes, other measuring systems for dynamic balance

Cardiovascular system and gas exchange

Bicycle ergometer, hand crank ergometer, treadmill, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitors, spiroergometry, lactate analysis

Body measurements and composition

3D body measurement system, bioimpedance analysis system, skin wrinkle measuring device, body scales, stadiometer


App for force measurements, hand-held force dynamometer, load cell, throwing force analysis system

Lung function

Pulmonary function diagnostic system

Jump height

Force plates, contact mat, optical jump height measurement system


Agility measurement system, light barriers, ball speed measurement system, various apps for speed and time measurements

Lab floor plan

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