Edwin Mårtensson

Volunteer in the Voluntary Scientific Year (FWJ)
Faculty III – School of Linguistics and Cultural Studies
Institute of Material Culture / Everyday Textile Culture Collection
At the university since: 2023

I am #UOL because…

...the Sammlung Textile Alltagskultur is a fantastic resource for teaching and research, and I help with both cataloguing and outreach efforts. I learn something new every day and work with interesting, intelligent people – even if it's a bit chaotic sometimes.

What I like about my job is...

…that I get to support other people in their projects, and to be responsible for, and improve, the running of the collection.

A special moment for me at university was...

…when I had replaced the old packaging of the collection items and everything was properly stored for the long term in new boxes made from acid-free paper. It is incredibly satisfying to finish a long-term task, especially if you get to see the product of your work.

I would like to swap places for a week with...

…someone who works in the Botanical Garden, if the weather is good during that week. Being in an office all the time can get boring.

I wish the UOL for the next 50 years...

…that it keeps its unique character, and that its collections get the chance to expand and develop. On behalf of my fellow „FWJlers”, I also wish that future volunteers can get the student discount in the Mensa.

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